Experience A
Better Way to Age for seniors

Gentle Shepherd Care helps you and your family to age better together. We do this by helping you to plan better, live better and care better for each other. Our support systems ensure you and your family enjoy the time you have together by reducing future uncertainty and solving daily struggles.


Experience A
Better Way to Age for seniors

Gentle Shepherd Care helps you and your family to age better together. We do this by helping you to plan better, live better and care better for each other. Our support systems ensure you and your family enjoy the time you have together by reducing future uncertainty and solving daily struggles.

Plan Better

Our nurse-administered Lifecare Planning Assessment enables older adults and their families to plan better for current and future needs (mobility, health, environment, financial).

Lifecare Planning

Live Better

Leaving familiar surroundings can be unsettling for older adults. We help you stay happier and healthier wherever you call home by gradually increasing levels of care and expertise.

At Home Care

Care Better

We solve for those time-consuming daily struggles that eat into your quality time together by arranging appointments, medication management, punctual and informed caretakers and more.

Eldercare Management

We Provide Professional Senior Care Services

For older adults and their families, Gentle Shepherd Care is the only provider of Continuous Care for Independent-Minded Seniors. Our services grow and change with your needs, moving with you through planning to support services to daily care.


Read How Our Clients Live Better
Because of Us

"My Mom lived her happy last years in the home she loved. None of us kids are in state, but with Gentle Shepherd Care we knew she was happy and loved. At night, the caregiver wouldn't just put Mom to bed, she gave Mom a kiss on the forehead as we watched through the cameras."
"My husband is very ill and bed bound. The care given to my husband... has been dependable, kind and effective. [Gentle Shepherd Care] is knowledgeable, VERY responsive and caring... also very well trained. I highly recommend [their] services..."
Donna T.
"[Gentle Shepherd Care] was so accommodating to our needs. I interviewed a companion for my mother who had recently broken her hip. She came to the hospital to interview with me and immediately started work for us upon mom's discharge. She was always on time and my mother loved her."
Laura M.

Our Graduated Services Change with Your Needs

Age is a progression. Gentle Shepherd Care’s services change with you and your family as you age. From simple household help provided by trained workers to nurse-supervised, 24-hour, skilled nursing care, we adapt to your needs and support life’s changes.

We Believe Everyone Deserves
Our Quality

Care Management Team

Our staff nurses help to vet, source and train your private caregivers, and then oversee the delivery of quality care.

Memory Care Specialty

Our staff of skilled nurses works with your medical team to ensure proper delivery of one-on-one memory care support.

Medical Liaison & Compliance

Our Eldercare Management team can attend doctor's appointments, order supplies and prescriptions and ensure proper administration.

Daily Life Support

From toileting to dressing, from dusting to laundry, from medication reminders to restorative exercise, and from bird watching to cards, we have the right support person.

Meal Preparation

Our nutritious meals are carefully prepared and consumption is monitored. We shop for, prepare, clean up, and store meals for when we are not on site.

Companionship & Social Outings

Often undervalued, but utterly necessary to mental health and emotional well-being, companionship is core to our service delivery. We find the right client-caregiver fit to ensure happy days.


Live Healthier and Happier with Lifecare Planning Services

Endorsed by the National Care Planning Council, our nurse-evaluated assessment helps you anticipate needs and live out desires for how you age.

Health Assessment

Our nurses review your health records and establish a chronic disease management plan.

Mobility Evaluation

Our experts assess current mobility and adaptive needs, and develop a safety plan to decrease risk of falls.

Environmental Adjustment

Our team then recommends specific home modifications for safe aging in place.

Family Resources

We match client needs to available resources (financial, family caregivers), and identify gaps.

Lifecare Plan

Our customized guide removes uncertainty and worry, switching you from reactive to proactive, and giving your family peace-of-mind.

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Helping Clients Age with Dignity

Hear From Sarah on Her Mother Sylvia

“Gentle Shepherd Care worked with us to plan and deliver the life my Mom wanted. She stayed in her own home, overlooking the lake, enjoying daily walks, reading and being read to aloud, sipping her one glass of wine each day at 4pm.”


“As her Alzheimer’s and dementia worsened, my mother needed more care. With Gentle Shepherd, we were able to gradually increase from part-time to 24-hour care over almost a 3 year period.”


“Gentle Shepherd was more affordable, higher quality care. It would have cost $100k/year in a memory ward, and Mom wouldn’t have had one-on-one care. Instead, we increased care over time and only reached $100k in the final year. “


Enjoy Time Together, Leave Eldercare Management to Us

No one ever said, “I wish I had been on hold longer.” Gentle Shepherd Care eases the administrative burden of caregiving. As a result, older adults and families enjoy healthier, less stressful lives, leading to better family relationships.

Nurse-Managed Care

Our nurses review medical records and consult with doctor's to ensure proper administration of medication and treatments, resulting in better care and peace-of-mind.

Vendor Management

Our team assesses and recommends improvements to current care situations and vendors, and sources, screens and contracts with resources as needed.

Caregiver Outages

Our staff bears the responsibility for quickly solving eldercare outages due to caretaker illness, travel/vacation or departure, including relief for family caregivers.

Staff Training

Our team educates new caregivers on protocols, both medical and lifestyle, before they come to you. As well, all caregivers undergo our proprietary, internal training program.

Post-Event Care Changes

Being discharged from rehab post surgery doesn't mean that someone is fully independent. We provide supportive care at home (bathing, meal prep, restorative therapy) to speed a return to normal.


Our Values Guide our Hands in Care

Worried mature woman and man sitting on sofa in living room at home. Senior couple talking with female insurance agent. Woman holding digital tablet in hands.
Our primary role at Gentle Shepherd Care is to be a strong advocate for you and your family. We help you plan better, live better and care better for each other. Together, we bring your ideal vision of your later years into reality.
For our Clients & Their Families
Senior woman sitting on a wheelchair with caregiver, walking in a park
At Gentle Shepherd Care, we recognize you are entrusting us with the welfare of someone close to you. We treat our clients and their family with dignity and compassion, nurturing the mind, body and spirits of all involved in care.
For our Clients & Their Families
home carer helping senior woman get dressed in her bedroom
We rely on more than just background checks and degree/certificate validation to ensure a "good" caregiver. Each caregiver goes through a personality interview, and additional vetting and ethics training to ensure safety and peace-of-mind.
In Our Actions and Interactions
Female Doctor giving medication to elderly patient sitting on sofa
Our customer service and care delivery is unparalleled. We seek to improve our services and ourselves through education, accountability and honorable actions. Our goal is to improve the lives of our clients, and enhance our community overall.
In Our Actions and Interactions
Shot of a young couple talking with their parents over coffee at homehttp://
It takes a village to best serve an older adult. We communicate effectively with clients, family members, physicians and medical professionals, pharmacists, and other key parts of clients' Care Ecosystems to ensure their good health and happiness.
With Our Clients, Their Families and Care Teams

Our Familiar Faces Bring Comfort to You and Your Family

Leaving familiar surroundings can be alarming and debilitating for older adults, particularly those with memory issues. Gentle Shepherd Care can gradually increase levels of care and expertise, starting with 4-hours of simple household management and moving up to 24-hour, nurse-supervised in-home care.


Our Clients Say We Help Both Clients and Their Families

"Gentle Shepherd Care grew with us. At first, I just needed a relief day so my husband and I could get out... then daily care to help with showers, dressing and appointments... I was sleeping with Mom -- only not sleeping -- so that I could take her to the bathroom. It wasn't sustainable. Now we have night care, too."
"My mother-in-law used to be in Assisted Living, but she has a disease that makes her skin and bones very fragile. She is always in pain. She needs to be carefully changed to make sure the skin doesn't break down. Gentle Shepherd Care was there at night to help her and us."
 "Our mother is 103. We’ve relied on Gentle Shepherd Care for more than three years. We live out of state and visit often, but there are things we just can’t do. They provide 24-hour care, all meals, medication reminders, light housekeeping, monitoring her pacemaker, restorative therapy… and personal grooming and toileting."
Ralph & Mike

Meet with Our Care Delivery Team Today


Emma Soy

CEO & Founder

After nearly 40 years as a healthcare consultant, nurse and care manager, Emma founded Gentle Shepherd Care to improve the later years for seniors and their families.


Armando Lopez

Care Coordinator

Armando schedules doctor's appointments, coordinates transportation and therapy for clients, as well as additional, relief and emergency caregivers.


Melanie Whitfield

Wellness Coordinator

Melanie ensures that clients and their families are happy with the service they receive. She also works with families to anticipate potential next steps and client needs.


Mecene Soy

Chief Operating Officer

Mecene oversees the daily business and administrative operations which includes operating procedures for optimal efficiency of internal and external operational processes.

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