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Emma Soy, CEO and Founder of Gentle Shepherd Care, leverages over 30 years in healthcare, enhancing patient outcomes and establishing innovative eldercare services.

Emma Soy - CEO & Founder

A Nurse, Healthcare Consultant, and Entrepreneur.

As the CEO and Founder of Gentle Shepherd Care, LLC, she oversees a team of care delivery workers in the Metro Charlotte Area and spear-headed the conception and introduction of new service lines to improve care recipients’ quality of life.

Prior to founding her own company, Soy was a consultant for healthcare technology companies, leading strategic processes and operational assessments, establishing program governance, advising on electronic medical records adoption, and acting as a liaison between tech developers, doctors and healthcare worker.

Gentle Shepherd Care is a return to Soy’s roots in care delivery. For over 30 years, she built her understanding of patients and their families’ needs through graduated roles in some of the largest health care systems in the Chicago-land Area, Southwest and Midwest (Healthquest, Kaleida, University of Texas, Intermountain Health Care, Oracle Health).

Soy understands how to improve patient outcomes. She has been accountable for reducing hospital readmissions, decreasing the length of stays, preventing unnecessary emergency room visits, and ensuring proactive placements or timely transitions of patients to the most appropriate level of care across the continuum.
Soy is very conversant in the language of people care. She is and ensures her team is adept at speaking with physicians, nurses, care team members, outpatient services, ambulatory clinics, rehabilitation caregivers and other resources. Soy moved from direct patient care as a bedside nurse early in her career up through roles including home care liaison and care manager for a large hospital network. She has worked first-hand with older adults and also trained and managed teams responsible for their care. It was this experience that led her to create Gentle Shepherd Care.

In addition to being a Registered Nurse in the State of North Carolina, Soy also draws on a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and her work as a Director with the National Care Planning Council to guide her company. She speaks three languages and is a published author and acclaimed speaker on principles for leading a healthy, happy, and abundant life.

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