Caregiver Coaching

Gentle Shepherd Care offers a caregiver coaching program to help family caregivers with personalized strategies, resources, and support.

Expert Coaching

So You Can Manage a Loved One’s Care

Each interaction with our team presents a chance for coaching and sharing valuable insights aimed at simplifying your life. Whether it’s through individualized one-on-one sessions or participation in our specialized coaching program, we extend an invitation for you to delve into crucial caregiving topics. By joining our coaching program, you’ll gain insights into essential aspects of caregiving, equipping you with the tools to strike a balance between caregiving duties and personal wellbeing.

Everything We Do Revolves Around Coaching.

As a family caregiver, any conversation with our team will provide invaluable benefit, as we aim for your success in navigating the complexities of providing care for elderly loved ones. We enjoy providing personalized coaching, so you can enjoy tailored strategies and support, providing knowledge and skills to navigate challenging situations with confidence.

By offering helpful information, our goal is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how you can manage your role and learn practical techniques to enhance the quality of care while also prioritizing your own well-being. This proactive approach not only eases the burden of caregiving but also fosters a sense of empowerment and resilience for you, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for caregivers and their aging family members.

Balanced Care: Empowering Employee Family Caregivers through Resources, Planning, and Support – A Formal Coaching Program

Gentle Shepherd Care has crafted this coaching program to equip family caregivers with the necessary resources, knowledge, and community support to effectively manage their role.

This program will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Balanced Caregiving
  • Resource Management
  • Planning for Sustainability
  • Building Your Support Network
  • Caregiver Health and Wellbeing
  • Skills for Everyday Caregiving
  • Communication and Advocacy
  • Conclusion and Continuing Support

This is a 4-Month Program that provides lifetime access to the videos and training program.

It includes:

Monthly Check-ins: Follow-up sessions to discuss progress and ongoing challenges.

Resource Hub: Online access to a comprehensive library of tools, articles, and guides.

Peer Support Groups: Regularly scheduled meetings to foster community and share experiences.

Individual Coaching Options: Available for personalized guidance and support.

Our focus is to provide a holistic approach to caregiving, ensuring that you are well-equipped, supported, and empowered to manage your wellbeing as family caregivers.

How Coaching Benefits You as a Family Caregiver

Compassionate Support: You don’t have to navigate this journey alone.
Community Connection: Join a supportive network of individuals facing similar challenges.

Expert Guidance:
Gain practical insights and actionable advice from experienced professionals.

Future Preparedness:
Understand and anticipate what lies ahead in your caregiving journey.

Enhanced Quality Time:
Reduce stress and anxiety, allowing for more meaningful moments with your loved one.

Early Detection:
Be able to recognize potential red flags and significant concerns to address promptly.

Personalized Strategies:
Receive tailored caregiving strategies and solutions to address your unique situation.

Emotional Support:
Learn how to find the best resources and guidance to cope with the emotional challenges of caregiving.

Care Coordination:
Streamline and organize care efforts for easy collaboration.

Access to Resources:
Understand how to find resources that are local to you for various extended care needs.

Advocacy Education:
Know how to speak up and protect your loved one as they go through their care journey.

Respite Opportunities:
When you’re well-prepared, you will be better able to rest and be away when you need to take a break.